Coolwalk has a new ally: MapFactor Navigator adapts perfectly to the new Android Auto interface

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coolwalk has a new ally mapfactor navigator adapts perfectly to.webp.webp.webp

Coolwalk’s redesign has been with us for some time now -with some, at least- and one of the main changes is that we can see using applications at the same time in a much smoother and more comfortable way than with the previous interface. To make the most of it existing apps must adapt and one that has already done so is MapFactor Navigator.

In Android Auto you are not limited to using Google Maps for routes, but over time all kinds of alternatives have appeared. MapFactor Navigator launched on the platform a couple of years ago and now overtake Waze himself on the rightat least as far as Coolwalk support is concerned.

Full screen, split or floating

The design of Android Auto with Coolwalk means that an application can be displayed to three different sizes on the same screen: Large when maximized, taking up most of the screen or taking up one third of the screen, in split screen mode.

Initially, only Google Maps could be opened in full screen with Coolwalk, while Waze came later as a beta. For the rest of the apps you must use a trick to put them in full screen or simply wait for them to adapt. If you were using MapFactor Navigator, the mapping app that you can use for free with OpenStreetMap maps, the wait is over.


The app works in full size and split screen in small and large, without problems

Version 7.3 of MapFactor Navigator Free, MapFactor Navigator Car Pro and MapFactor Navigator Truck Pro adds full support for Android Auto Coolwalk if we use it in the car, so that we will be able to use it together with an application to control music, for example.

On the other hand, if we use any of the MapFactor Navigator browsers on the mobile, we will have another novelty: the app supports floating window mode, Picture-in-Picture or PiP. To enjoy these new features, all you have to do is download the latest version from Google Play.

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