‘Clash Quest’, ‘Clash Mini’ and ‘Clash Heroes’: Supercell prepares three new games based on ‘Clash of Clans’

clash quest clash mini and clash heroes supercell prepares three.jpg
clash quest clash mini and clash heroes supercell prepares three.jpg

Although it has already been surpassed by other titles, both in terms of revenue and downloads, there is no doubt that, since its inception, ‘Clash of Clans’ has been a gold mine for Supercell (now in the hands of Tencent). So much so, that the company decided to copy its strategy in successive releases that also ended up becoming a success, such as ‘Clash Royale’ or ‘Brawl Stars’.

Now, Supercell has confirmed its plans to expand that fantasy universe and, to do so, is developing three new Clash titles: ‘Clash Quest’, ‘Clash Mini’ and ‘Clash Heroes’. The goal, they explain, is to offer a new experience to current Clash players and attract audiences who have never played it.

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With ‘Clash of Clans’, Supercell bet everything on in-app purchases and, judging by their revenue, it was soon confirmed that their strategy was very successful. Now the developer wants repeat success with three new creations Aimed at both current Clash players and those who have not tried it in all this time.

“In addition to offering a new Clash experience to current players, we want to expand Clash to new audiences who have not tried Clash before “, has said Supercell. And for this, they have confirmed the development of three new games based on ‘Clash of Clans’:

  • ‘Clash Quest’: “Go on missions to unexplored islands in Clash Quest, a turn-based strategy game based on the Clash universe in which you can create dynamic troop combinations to take down colossal rivals and bosses.”

  • ‘Clash Mini’: “A strategy board game where players position their favorite characters from the Clash universe and watch them come to life in battle!”

  • ‘Clash Heroes’: “Explore the Clash universe like never before. Discover unknown lands together with your favorite characters, complete epic missions, and become legendary Clash heroes!”

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However, Supercell has clarified that all these titles are at a very early stage of development and they are likely to undergo some changes. They do not even rule out that some of them may stay in a simple beta and do not become a stable version:

“As with the rest of the games we develop, there is a possibility that these games will not move forward if they do not meet the quality standard of our community and our company.”

They also clarify that the development teams for ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Clash Royale’ are 100% separate from the teams behind those three titles; therefore, “these new Clash games will not affect development or support for existing Supercell games“On the release date of the betas, he has not given any details, but it is already possible register on your website to be notified when they are available.

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