ChatGPT is integrated into Android thanks to Tasker: this is how it can replace Google Assistant

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chatgpt is integrated into android thanks to tasker this is.webp.webp.webp

The arrival of ChatGPT, among other Artificial Intelligences, has meant a revolution in the field of bots conversational. This AI has already shown its potential, in fact, even Microsoft has adopted it as the basis for However, the remaining step was to use it as a personal assistant on Android, and it is now possible thanks to Tasker. Before, we had seen it in other applications such as WhatsApp, and it is that it has left voice assistants like Siri or Alexa in their diapers. let’s see how use ChatGPT in Android and set it as voice assistant.

ChatGPT uses Tasker to integrate into Android

Google Assistant And Chatgpt

Now, and thanks to Tasker (and the user who has devised this magnificent plan), we can implement OpenAI chat in Android without any problem. Google’s operating system lacks an official application, and it seems that this will continue for a while.

For this reason, and taking advantage of OpenAI has released the APIsa user has found a way to use it from Tasker, the application that allows us to automate everything on our phone.

Not only is it possible to use the OpenAI bot on Android, but we have it available with a simple button press. What’s more, the developer has created some profiles to integrate ChatGPT in WhatsAppso it is not left as a simple basic integration.

How to integrate ChatGPT on Android: you can use it as a voice assistant

Before starting, it is important to know that this method to integrate ChatGPT in Android is not easy. As it is not an official or native method, we use the Tasker app (which is paid) to implement it. And this entails Some difficulties when configuring it.

First, and before talking about ChatGPT, buy and install tasker, is totally necessary. Once it is installed, we must apply the ChatGPT profile found in the following link.

Now, we will go to the official website of OpenAI (the owner of ChatGPT) to generate an API key. This is necessary so that Tasker can interact with the bot. If you want full integration, we must also download the AutoNotification app.

Tasker Chatgpt Api

The link will take us to the OpenAI website where we must identify with our account. Later, we must click on Create new secret key. When you see it, copy it for later.

We return to Tasker, which will have asked us for this key. Paste it so that Tasker can communicate with ChatGPT. Done, the first step has not been difficult and We already have implemented the chat in the automation application.

Create shortcuts on your home screen and configure the use by voice

Shortcuts Tasker Chatgpt

To access ChatGPT from the desktop, we must press and hold the home screen and then click on widget. In the list of widgets, navigate to Tasker and use the access task shortcutwe advise you create an icon for each task such as opening a new chat, cleaning it or using the voice chat.

In order to enable this last feature, we need to get another API key, but this time from Google. From the Google Cloud Console, it is necessary to activate the API of Cloud Speech-to-Text. In this link you can do it very easily, but remember that first it is necessary to establish a payment method in the Google developer console.

chat gpt on android

Do not fear, because they will not charge anything to your bank account as long as let’s not get over four million characters a month. In the hamburger menu (of the three horizontal lines), we are going to APIs and services, then in the side menu click on credentials. You will see the list of active APIs, in the text-to-speech tap on “Show Key”. Again, and as we did before, copy to have it on the clipboard.

We return to the Tasker shortcuts on our home screen. Run the task voice chat. Tasker will return a failure and this is where we should insert google api key. Tap on the error notification, and then paste the code. Now yes, we are done with the configuration.

We miss a deeper integration with the system. Since ChatGPT is designed to work on the web, this is one of its limitations.

At this time, we can use ChatGPT through our beautiful voice, just like Google Assistant. At the moment it has some limitations specific to the service and others from this “unofficial” integration. For example, the chat will be displayed in a popup window, and we can forget about opening apps through this method as it doesn’t fully integrate like Google Assistant does.

However, this experiment shows the capabilities of ChatGPT on Android, which could very well replace Google Assistant or Alexa. So, we have a quick access from our mobile to make any request to the fashionable conversational bot.

Via | Android Police