Chat Master, the game in which you must answer correctly in each chat that reaches the top of Google Play

chat master the game in which you must answer correctly.jpg
chat master the game in which you must answer correctly.jpg

At the top of Google Play, and with more than ten million downloads, a simple minigame launched just a few months ago has crept in: Chat Master. The objective: get out of each chat by choosing the correct answers, as if you were chatting.

If you want to be the master of chat, you will have to complete complicated missions such as “ask her out”, “reassure mom”, “get the job” or “don’t get checked”, with an interface like a chat many minigames intermediate and also a good amount of ads.

A chat game

If you want to chat, but you don’t have someone to chat with or the conversations are somewhat boring, Chat Master is a game of chat with a specific goal, which is indicated at the beginning of each conversation. This objective guides you in choosing the correct answers that will lead you to victory.

In some cases, the game allows you choose between several answers, sometimes indicated as “lie” or “truth”. Telling a lie can cause the other person to discover you, although there is usually not much script or depth to the conversations and the levels are quite easy.

Plane tickets Some of the deep conversations you can have on Chat Master

If you complete the mission, two things will happen. The first, that you will go to the next level, you will adopt a new personality, a new chat and a new objective. The second, that you will see a video ad. When finished, for some reason, you will find a random minigame and, when we say random, it is random.

From simple mathematical calculations to guessing application icons, destroying mobile phones with a knife or changing a mobile battery. These minigames are extremely simple and to tell the truth, they seem like a bit of filler.


Therefore, in Chat Master you will progress on the board with the 56 levels based on chat conversations, minigames and a good amount of ads every time you do something. It is a funny and curious game, although a bit greedy in its monitoring and, although it is translated into Spanish, it is translated without much affection and many meanings and jokes are lost along the way.

Chat Master!

Chat Master!

  • Developer: Supersonic Studios LTD
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Casual