Capturing the screen from Google Chrome is now possible: the browser improves its share menu

capturing the screen from google chrome is now possible the.jpg
capturing the screen from google chrome is now possible the.jpg

Google has introduced a notable improvement in its Chrome browser, for the moment within the set of experimental functions or ‘flags’: it is possible take screenshots and also edit them, all without leaving Google Chrome. The share menu thus gains many more capabilities.

Taking screenshots on the phone is so common that there are brands that propose the automatic deletion of these captures once they are used. Simple to do, and with the universal gesture of press the power and volume buttons down at the same timeMost brands also add preview and editing of the captures. That your mobile lacks it? Well, if the capture is from the web, now you can make it, and edit it, without leaving the Google browser.

Screenshot and editing arrives Google Chrome 91

Google Chrome Screenshots

The novelty is available in the latest stable version of Google Chrome, number 91. Recently updated, the browser includes an experimental option that not only enables ‘normal’ screenshots, also introduces the screenshots full size and scrolling the web. Of course, this second function does not work correctly, at least according to our tests.

Access to the screenshot tools is through the Google Chrome share menu. Once the ‘flags’ are activated, it is possible to capture the web from the Chrome share menu; obtaining afterwards a preview with the option to edit the image in the crop, capture the text and draw directly on the capture.

To activate the screen capture functions you must do the following:

  • Go to Google Chrome and type ‘chrome: // flags’ in the address bar. Without the quotes.
  • Type ‘screenshot’ into the search engine, again without the quotes.
Google Chrome Screenshots
  • You will see that you have two options available: the normal capture and the complete one. Click on the menus of both and select ‘Enabled’.
  • Click on ‘Relaunch’, the lower blue button. When Google Chrome relapses close and open it again, this time manually. With a single restart, the ‘flag’ is not usually activated.

After activation, just open the website you want to capture, click on the Google Chrome menu (the one with the three dots) and click on the share icon. You’ll see two new options appear at the bottom: ‘Screenshot’ and ‘Full Screen Capture’. Click on them and what your phone shows will be captured, giving you the option to edit or share it.

Google Chrome Screenshots

Full screen captures include icons to scroll the page and thus capture the entire web, but they still don’t work as they should. Yes, you can use them to take captures without the Google Chrome address bar appearing in the image.

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