Browservio is the ideal browser for mobiles with few resources: free, Open Source and preserves your privacy

browservio is the ideal browser for mobiles with few resources.webp.webp.webp
browservio is the ideal browser for mobiles with few resources.webp.webp.webp

The browser is one of the tools we use the most on the smartphone. Thanks to them, we have fast and secure access to our favorite websites just as we would from a computer. Although Google Chrome is the undisputed king, it is not exempt from problems such as high memory consumption. Microsoft for its part, in the absence of one, has six browsers, but the one we bring today is not tied to any multimillion-dollar company and will allow you to enjoy more privacy.

We are talking about an Open Source project that is still under development and is at its best. With the simple name of Browservio, it will conquer the most modest mobiles thanks to its good performance. In addition, it will allow you to get away from search engines that track our information.

Its simple name contrasts with the number of functions it has

Its latest version corresponds to numbering 4.3, although they are developing a big change that would change its name to Broswervio2 (still in alpha phase). With a weight of just three megabytes, hides a large number of functions. As soon as you open it, it will take you to the Brave home page, which is more private than Google’s.

However, we can change the behavior of this home page, as well as search suggestions, so if you are very attached to Google services, you can also use them. As alternatives, it allows us to establish other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Bing or Baidu.

Its design maintains the lines seen in Material You: fits our wallpaper, the buttons and switches have the appearance of the system and we can select light or dark mode. On the other hand, the interface is simple as can be with the address bar at the top (as usual in this type of app) and a drop-down menu that remains hidden most of the time. Thus, we can browse the Internet without distractions.

By displaying that menu (by touching the arrow that we see next to the URL), we have access to the traditional functions to go back/forward, reload page, go home, add to bookmarks, share, history and settings. All in a fine line that does not bother and that gives quick access.


The Browservio settings allow us to adapt it to our use.

In its settings we find many modifications that will allow us to leave it to our liking: we can change the search engine, the home page, the search suggestions. But it also allows us to enable a tracking prevention mode so that the websites do not collect personal data. Similarly, we have an option to clear the cache.

If we wish, from its simple menu we can change user agent to make us pass through a desktop browser and thus see the websites in a computer version. It has been in development for over a year and at the moment the developer keeps updating it, improving performance and adding new features.

In the event that you are looking for an open, free and private browser, Browservio will meet your expectations. Can download the apk from the official repository that is hosted on GitLab. It installs like any other app, but remember to enable unknown sources.

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