Brave abandons Google and already uses its own search engine on iOS and Android

brave abandons google and already uses its own search engine.jpeg
brave abandons google and already uses its own search engine.jpeg
We already announced it in June: Brave was preparing to adopt its own browser in the Brave browser. A possibility that at that time was limited to the beta version of the application and that now it begins to reach the rest of users they can already change the default search engine.

Brave is a privacy-focused browser, so offering the option of your own browser was the logical choice. The new search engine Brave Search is another option for the browser, remember that you already have DuckDuckGo as another safe formula.

With the flag of privacy

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Brave prepares the arrival of its own search engine, which should be active by default. Brave Search will replace Google in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, Qwant in France and DuckDuckGo in Germany and later it will reach other markets.

This change will come through the Brave application for Android in version 1.31, the Brave application for iOS in version 1.32 and through the update of the desktop browser to version 1.31. When updating users will see how Brave Search appears as the default search engine.


Until now Brave used the Google search engine, a company that over time has seen options such as Bing, DuckDuckGo and now Brave Search appear.


Along with the arrival of Brave Search, the company is promoting the Web Discovery Project (WDP) in the web version, a system to preserve privacy that seeks to facilitate users to contribute anonymously with data to improve the coverage and quality of Brave Search. For the most suspicious, clarify that WDP is an optional function that works in such a way that the data provided cannot be related to individuals or devices.

Brave Search is a free browser, but the company will soon offer advertising in the form of ads in the browser at the same time they prepare the arrival of a Premium version without advertising.