Bluestacks 5 overtakes Google Play Games: enjoy Android games on your PC for free and without having to wait

bluestacks 5 overtakes google play games enjoy android games on.webp.webp.webp
bluestacks 5 overtakes google play games enjoy android games on.webp.webp.webp

Many users demand to use Android applications on a computer, hence some interesting projects arise. Even Microsoft continues to develop this capability for its Windows 11 operating system. However, before the arrival of the latest version of the Microsoft OS, certain mechanisms already existed to run Android games and apps on other systemsthese are called emulators.

Bluestacks is one of the best known and used, in fact, we have told you about it on other occasions. However, the latest news that brings Google Play games closer to Windows has made many users want to enjoy some of these titles with a mouse and keyboard in hand, Bluestacks allows it for a long time and we are going to tell you what it does and why it can be used now. Skip the wait for Google Play Games with everything this emulator has to offer.

What is Bluestacks and why it prevents us from waiting for the arrival of Google Play Games

Bluestacks Games

Bluestacks is part of the group of programs o software called emulators. An emulator is an application that simulates (or emulates, despite the redundancy) the operation of a system within another, making it possible to run applications or games in environments where natively not possible.

The one we named is in charge of emulate android system, more specifically AOSP with Google Play. That’s one of the main differences compared to other emulators that fulfill the same mission, Bluestacks incorporates the Google Play Store (and all dependent services) as standard.

Now, returning to the topic that concerns us, you may be asking yourself the following question: What does Bluestacks provide me that makes me not think about Google Play Games officially? Well, the reason is simple and it is that we have access to the entire catalog of games available in Google Play Store from the moment we install it. And the reasons are many, so we are going to tell you which features will improve your gaming experience.

Is Bluestacks better than Google’s solution?

To start off the round of features, it’s important to mention the support for controllers or gamepads. Bluestacks incorporates by default the necessary drivers and compatibility so that you can connect a controller to your computer’s USB port, and you’re all set to play.

On the other hand, Google’s official solution obviously uses the titles available in the app store… and so does Bluestacks. In the emulator we can log in with our Google account to access the entire catalog of games, not just some selected titles. There is no problem and you will be able to enjoy all the games just as you would on your mobile.

In addition, the emulator allows us to have some advantages like macros. Macros are special functions that allow us to perform certain tasks by pressing a combination of buttons selected by the user. That is, we can create a macro to open a specific game, for example assigning it to the ‘j’ (games) key. It doesn’t just stay with this simple action, but we can automate certain games by choosing the set of actions that will be performed when the button is pressed.

A feature that many players ask Google for is the ability to clone the games. In this regard, Bluestacks more than meets the multi-instance feature. This emulator allows us to clone applications without any difficulty. You can have the same game twice to use different accounts, or keep a title open (for example, while collecting resources), while playing any other.

The Download and install Bluestacks It is completely free (although it has a paid version with extra functions), and you can download the installer from its official website. As we have seen, the arrival of Google Play Games on Windows excites us, but we can now play the entire Android catalog without having to wait a second longer.

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