BlackPlayer, one of the best and most customizable free music players for Android

blackplayer one of the best and most customizable free music.png
blackplayer one of the best and most customizable free music.png

The streaming of music, video and other content is advancing at an inexorable pace and we already have it embedded in many parts of our leisure time, and also in the workplace. But like the small village of the Gauls, irreducible to the Roman presence, music in local formats continues to exist and resists, and will always resist, the invader. MP3 and MP4 formats will exist for a long time, and it is essential to have a good app to manage them.

One of those apps may be BlackPlayer, which also happens to be one of the most complete and customizable players that we can find on Android. In addition, BlackPlayer has a completely free version although, if we wish, we can unlock some improvements by going to the paid version. But don’t worry, because it is not too expensive.

Versatile, powerful, customizable and compatible with Auto and Wear


The name of BlackPlayer is perfect for this multimedia player for our Android as it lands with a completely black background, ideal for those who prefer night modes on their mobile. But almost everything in this player is customizable, one of its most powerful possibilities.

In BlackPlayer we not only have the option to change the colors of the highlights or the fonts with which to move through the app, we also have a multitude of animations and even of themes to apply. Themes that come already with everything predefined changing colors and fonts to give a special touch to our application.

In terms of sound management as such, BlackPlayer incorporates a five band equalizer They have many options and allow us, among other things, to activate the 3D Surround Virtualizer to emulate spatial sound, reinforce the bass with BassBoost and amplify the sound. In addition, of course, to be able to adjust the sound with the equalizer as such.

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With BlackPlayer we can play all kinds of music files such as MP3, MP4, OGG or FLAC and we have included support for Android Auto and also for Wear OS, so we can use it in our car and also from our watch. All this, in addition to having widgets, tag editor and others, is in the free version of the app that has advertising.

If we wish, we can make the leap to BlackPlayer EX or BlackPlayer Exclusive, the paid version of the player. With BlackPlayer EX we will pay 3.59 euros in a single purchase to, among other things, unlock new widgets, new customization tools such as colors, fonts and themes and, importantly, we will also unlock support for Chromecast. Without a doubt, one of the most customizable and powerful players on Android is here, at BlackPlayer.

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player

  • Developer: FifthSource
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Music and audio