Binary Eye, a lightweight, ad-free and fast Android QR code reader

binary eye a lightweight ad free and fast android qr code.jpg
binary eye a lightweight ad free and fast android qr code.jpg

There are a thousand ways to read a QR code with a mobile, either by installing applications or without. Binary Eye is part of the first group: it is a simple application to read QR codes, fast, ad-free and open source.

Sometimes you just want a normal QR code reader, without a thousand things added and that works well. That is exactly what you will find in Binary Eye, which is also a very light application, occupying less than 8 MB.

A fast code reader

There are lots and lots of apps for reading QR codes, but some have ads, some have too much stuff, and some are too heavy. Binary Eye has just enough: nothing more and nothing less: does just what is expected of an application to read QR codes.

This open source app is lightweight, ad-free, and lets you scan all kinds of QR codes: with text, web addresses, contacts, Wi-Fi network settings. One point in its favor is that it shows you the raw content of the QR code before you open it, to know exactly what you just scanned.


As expected, you can use Binary Eye both with the mobile camera and by analyzing images that you have saved on your mobile (with the menu ⋮ Select image). Furthermore, it is possible create a QR code from the application itself, with plenty of code types to choose from.

It is a simple application to use, but the number of configuration options It has is huge, where you can configure practically everything that the application does and how it does it, something that advanced users will appreciate.


BinaryEye has a huge number of options

With all this, if you still do not have a header application to scan QR codes, here you go a light, fast and very capable option. Being open source, also, if you don’t like something and want to change it, you are always free to do so if you have the necessary knowledge.

Binary eye

Binary eye

  • Developer: Markus fisch
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools