Be.Real., The unpredictable social network that gives you two minutes to share new content

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bereal the unpredictable social network that gives you two minutes.jpg

It is not all invented in social networks, there is always room to innovate in more than one aspect. This is just what Be.Real. Raises, an application that opens the door to share content with friends following strict rules: it only gives two minutes to create the photos and all the contacts share the created content at the same time.

Uploading photos, seeing those uploaded by our contacts and commenting on each other about everything that is shared is a common custom in most social networks. In fact, sharing and valuing is rooted in one’s own socialization; a custom that can be enriched by adding very specific restrictions. It is just what Be.Real raises. with your social network.

All friends will share their photos at the same time

Bereal Social Network

Be.Real. is a social network that communicates to its users using the photos they upload at very specific times of the day. These photos have a very specific quality: are taken instantly and capture both the back of the phone and the front. So far everything is more or less common, what is peculiar are the limitations imposed by Be.Real.

Despite the fact that a limitation tends to be restrictive, with all the negative that any imposition usually entails, Be.Real. not only stimulates the imagination, it also ensures that sharing photos is much more fun. To do this, it uses a few premises:

  • You cannot share content when you want, only when the app sends it.
  • Every day Be.Real. Notify users to take a photo (with the front and rear cameras simultaneously).
  • Once the notification is received all users have two minutes to take their photo. After that time the opportunity disappears.
Bereal Social Network
  • The photo may or may not be geolocated. In addition, each user has the option of leaving it as private (only their friends can see it) or as public (enter the so-called Discover, a section visible by anyone registered in the app).
  • Once the image is uploaded, all Be.Real contacts. They can see what their friends uploaded, it is also possible to comment on it.
  • Photos are erased every day, once it is time to create a new photo.
Bereal Social Network

By putting limitations Be.Real. make sharing photos more exciting and fun. In return, it has its drawbacks since, contrary to what happens with TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, once you have seen what your friends have shared there will be no new material until the next day. Of course, there is always the alternative of seeing what Be.Real users uploaded. publicly (on Discover).

The record of Be.Real. forces to leave the phone number: confirmation is received by SMS. It is also necessary to have a username. And, although the app asks for location access when sharing the photos, it is possible not to grant that permission; the same as the access to contacts (to check who is registered in Be.Real.).

The app is available on both Android and iPhone. And it can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores.

BeReal. Real like your friends.

BeReal. Real like your friends.

  • Developer: BeReal
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Download it at: App Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social