At 2 it will be 3, if your Android wants: how to check if your mobile will automatically change the time

at 2 it will be 3 if your android wants.webp.webp.webp
at 2 it will be 3 if your android wants.webp.webp.webp

Although Europe has been debating the end of winter/summer time for years, this weekend we will once again attend a new time change. In this case, the one that will force us to advance our clocks one hour, contrary to what happened at the end of October (which is when it goes back).

So, in the early morning from Saturday to Sunday, at 2:00 it will be 3:00 (Spanish peninsular time), so it will dawn and dusk later. Once again, we will have to manually adjust a multitude of clocks, but those of our mobiles, fortunately, will make the change automatically. As long as we have them configured for it, of course.

How to configure the mobile to advance the time by itself

Nothing less than in 1974 was when Spain established the time change in October and in March. For what purpose? In theory, so that natural lighting fits as well as possible into most daily routines, an argument that not everyone agrees with.

The time change is established by time zones, which means that not all countries make this adjustment or do it on the same day. In Europe, as we mentioned, this weekend we have switch to summer time and, therefore, advance the clocks one hour.

Our mobiles are configured with the European time zone and since they connect to the servers in this realm, they do the time change automatically. To check if your phone is set up correctly, do the following:

System Date Time

  • Go into the phone settings.
  • Click on ‘System’ or ‘General Administration’depending on the layer of the phone manufacturer.
  • Go into ‘Date and Time’.
  • There the options ‘Set time automatically’ and ‘Set time zone automatically’ must be activated.

The most common thing is that the phone settings are well adjusted. If so, don’t worry, at 2am your phone will automatically advance the time and when you wake up it will display the correct daylight saving time.

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