Apps that are used for nothing more than taking up space on your mobile: delete them without any problem

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some cleaning in the apps that we have installedIf you are looking for ideas of what to eliminate, we suggest eight types of totally dispensable applications on an Android mobile. From there, you choose if you want to uninstall the apps in each category or if you prefer to keep them.

The “boosters” and other cousins ​​of Clean Master


Clean Master is gone but his legacy lives on. Google Play abounds with applications to free up RAM and speed up the mobile through this or that process. These applications play a lot of confusion, they tell the occasional lie and in practice they don’t do much, except close applications like crazy and show us speed recovery percentages without any basis.

The truth is that due to the way Android is designed, these applications can do little or nothing, so lately they have opted to include more and more things: antivirus, temporary file cleaning, battery saving, CPU cooling … All this being basically a glorified app closer which in most cases floods you with ads and notifications. You lose nothing by uninstalling them.

the antivirus


Antivirus yes or antivirus no? Antivirus apps try to convince you that you need them, but whether that is the case is debatable. The mindset of how viruses and antivirus work on a Windows PC doesn’t apply to Android because of the way the system handles apps and their permissions. A) Yes, android antivirus can’t really do too much and they’re increasingly treading on cache cleaners, boosters, and a few extra privacy protections.

They are not completely useless, but they are certainly not essential. Google Play Protect will take your chest out of the fire in most cases and with analyzing an APK before installing it with tools like VirusTotal you will have enough in most cases. If you still prefer to use an antivirus for whatever reason, at least opt ​​for a reputable one and not the hundreds of mysterious “antiviruses” that abound on Google Play.

flashlight apps


Nowadays most mobiles have the flashlight function as a quick setting

There was a time when it was almost essential to install an application to use the flash of the mobile as a flashlight, but many years ago that was left behind. Today it is almost certain your mobile will have the flashlight option as a quick setting. If it does not appear, you may have to configure it and put it in position.

Traditionally one of the types of applications more likely to include malware and abusive permissions Flashlight apps have been, to such an extent that it was necessary to be very careful before installing one. Today, not even that. With the one that comes on your mobile you will have more than enough in the vast majority of cases.

The QR code reader


Having Google Lens, it will be rare that you need an app to read QR codes

QR codes have been around for a long time, but the pandemic has made them more fashionable than ever. It is no longer necessary to install an application to read QR codes Well, surely you have four or five installed that can already do it.

For normal and sporadic use, reading QR codes using Google Lens will surely suffice. Moreover, it is becoming more and more common for the reading of QR codes to be integrated directly in the camera app (via Google Lens or separately). If you use them a lot, then maybe you can take advantage of a specialized and complete app, like Binary Eye.

Pre-installed duplicate apps


Samsung is one of the brands that duplicates the most apps on its mobiles by having its own mail, calendar, notes and even its own app store

Some Android customization layers come with their own apps that they do exactly the same thing as their Google alternatives, which also come with the mobile. I will not be the one to tell you that you should use Gmail or Samsung E-mail, but what is clear is that you do not need to have both at the same time.

Being pre-installed apps technically you are not going to gain storage space, but will reduce the number of icons you have on your mobile and it will take less time to know if you are going to put the alarm on Google Clock or ColorOS Clock, for example.

That game that has been parked for months

It has happened to all of us: we are recommended a great mobile game, we install it and there it waits for the moment when “you are definitely going to play it”, in that gap that is going to arrive at any moment. months go by and the hole never comes.

Nothing happens if you uninstall it. What’s more, some people will find it easier to decide what to play if they have fewer games than if there is a huge catalog of options to choose from. As always, the choice is yours, but don’t be embarrassed about deleting a game you never find time or win for: you can always install it again later.

The apps you use once a year or less

currency converter

There are apps that we use every day and there are others that are there just in case. For example, you may have a currency converter installed from your last

Some of these apps that you use very little can be replace with web applications, while in other cases you will simply remember to reinstall them as soon as you need them. Meanwhile, it won’t be on your mobile cluttering up and cluttering up the app drawer foolishly.

Most free VPN apps


There are many VPN applications, but obviously the ones we like the most are the free ones. There are many reasons why we might want to use a VPN on our Android mobile, such as pretending to be connecting from another place or increase the privacy and security of our connection.

That is where the problem lies: nobody gives hard to four pesetas and if the free VPN is usually fine because it is so limited that you will end up paying if you want to use it seriously or maybe it is not as private as you expected it to be. This is not to say that all free VPN apps deserve to be uninstalled, but you should. read the terms of use very carefully and act accordingly.