Apple TV cuts its application for Android TV: goodbye to purchases and rentals


With the launch of its subscription streaming platform, Apple ended up expanding the service beyond its devices, even on Android TV . Although, after a year of being available without limitations, Apple TV users on Android TVs and players are seeing a significant cut: they can no longer buy or rent content, they can only see what they already have in their library ; apart from what is already included in TV +.

App stores offer vast amounts of software, most of it free of charge. Some of these apps include extra options in the form of micropayments ; purchases from which a percentage is subtracted for the company that owns the store. Apple is suffering firsthand the dilemma of commissions in the App Store , not in vain the conflict with Epic has put its business model in check. But what happens to apply the commissions to Apple?

Goodbye to transactions on Apple TV for Android TV

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As we’ve personally seen on our Android TV, and have been reviewed by outlets like The Verge , Apple has removed rentals and purchases from its Apple TV app for Android devices (including Chromecast with Google TV ). From now on, users of the app can only access their iTunes library apart from the streaming content found in the Apple TV + section. For any other management you must use an Apple device .

When browsing Apple TV within the content library, and accessing any non-TV+ tab, Apple specifies that the only way to acquire the movie or series is to purchase or rent it from an Apple device . This means that if you do not have an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or macOS, you will no longer be able to view content that you have not previously purchased.

With this movement , Apple avoids paying the commissions that prevail in the Google Play Store , both for purchase and for rental (or subscription, since it is no longer possible to subscribe to Apple TV + from Android TV). Currently, Google collects 30% of most purchases made from the official Android store.

Apple has not clarified what its official position is regarding the withdrawal of purchases within its application for Android TV. This move represents a notorious change of course in the company’s strategy: Apple TV has been offering all accessible content under micropayments since the beginning, more than a year ago.

Via | TheVerge