Apple cleans up its App Store: it will delete apps that have not been updated for a long time

apple cleans up its app store it will delete apps.jpg
apple cleans up its app store it will delete apps.jpg

Several developers of applications and games for iPhone have shared on social networks a supposed message in which Apple gives them a warning: or update their apps within 30 days or risk being removed from the store.

The message is part of what Apple calls “App Store Improvement” and reports that Apps that haven’t been updated for a significant amount of time they will no longer be for sale and, therefore, will not be accessible to new users

Update or disappear

Time is of no use to anyone, and not to the app stores either. According to Statista, the Apple App Store receives about 30,000 new applications each month that must compete to appear in searches and recommendations for new users. It is therefore not unusual for app stores to take various measures to limit visibility or directly remove applications that are not particularly relevant. Abandoned apps -which have not been updated for a long time- are an easy victim of these cleanings.

Apple warned that it would begin removing abandoned apps in 2016, though it doesn’t appear to have been until now that the company has begun to take this restriction seriously. Several app developers have received a message from Apple in recent days informing them that since their app has not been updated for a “significant period of time”They will no longer be for sale in 30 days.

[email protected] is removing a few of my old games b/c they have “not been updated in a significant amount of time”

Games can exist as completed objects! These free projects aren’t suitable for updates or a live service model, they’re finished artworks from years ago.

And it doesn’t seem to be a bluff. some developers indicate that your apps have already been removed for not having been updated for a long time, while other games like Pocket God remain in the App Store with their last update in 2015. This measure is especially controversial in the case of apps or games that work correctly, even without being updated.

However, will also have its advantages. By forcing apps from the App Store to be up to date, it will reduce the cases where apps are not correctly adapted to the latest iPhone screen formats and/or the latest iOS releases.


According to Apple, these applications that have not been updated for a long time will no longer be available to new users, but those who already have them installed will be able to continue using them. so that they are also available for new users the only option is to update them, and the period of time that Apple gives is not very long: 30 days from receipt of the notification.

Apple isn’t the only company cleaning up its store recently. Google has been doing the same for a long time although in a slightly different way: forcing developers to adapt their applications to new versions of Android, in practice forcing them to update them.

Via | TheVerge