Apple announces Dolby Atmos spatial audio and hi-fi sound for Apple Music

apple announces dolby atmos spatial audio and hi fi sound for.jpeg
apple announces dolby atmos spatial audio and hi fi sound for.jpeg

Apple just announced spatial audio without quality loss for Apple Music, the rumored “Apple HiFi” that had been talking for a few months. Through its official website, Apple has claimed that lossless audio will come to Apple Music.

It will in all its catalog, adding apart from it the spatial audio technology with Dolby Atmos. Apple Music follows Spotify, which announced high-fidelity audio, and Tidal, which already has CD-quality audio.

Lossless Audio Comes to Apple Music

Apple Music Quality Audio

The sound without compression reaches Apple Music, as the company itself has officially announced. According to Apple, this is “the biggest advance in its history in terms of sound quality”, thanks to both lossless audio and the introduction of spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.

Spatial sound is a sound technology that tries to offer an immersive experience, in which we feel that the audio surrounds us

Spatial sound, as its name suggests, is a technology used, for example, in cinema, to try to make the sound surround the user. In simpler words, this Dolby experience will allow you to enjoy audio in a much more immersive way.

To enjoy audio with Dolby Atmos it will only be necessary to have any AirPod with a W1 and H1 chip, as well as Beats headphones that have this chip. Regarding your products, the built-in speakers of the latest generation iPhone 12, Mac and iPad they can also play back in Dolby quality.

Apple indicates that create specific lists for users to find tracks with Dolby Atmos. Although we are not looking for it specifically, when we go to play a song, its own file will tell us if it supports Dolby Atmos.

Regarding lossless audio, Apple indicates that it will use its own ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) codec to “listen to exactly what the artists created in the studio.” It will not have any additional cost, but this option will have to be activated from the Apple Music settings.

Lossless sound will operate from 16-bit 44.1 kHz (CD quality) to high-resolution 24-bit 192 kHz sound. These news will not have any extra cost and will arrive on Apple Music in June.

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