APK Analyzer is a free app to know everything about an APK file before installing it on your mobile

apk analyzer is a free app to know everything about.jpg
apk analyzer is a free app to know everything about.jpg
APK files are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to find. Instead of installing and seeing what happens, a way to get information about an APK file before installing it It is with an application like APK Analyzer.

APK Analyzer gives you detailed information about installed apps and APK files, showing you their permissions, activities, certificates, signatures and endless other data, useful both to verify that an app is who it claims to be and for programmers and users very curious to see what their applications hide.

Very detailed application information

If you want to get information about any of the applications you have installed On the mobile, from the mobile settings you have the basics: version, permissions, where you have installed it from, storage usage and little else. If you need any extra information, you will need special applications.


You can see detailed information about an application and general statistics about all installed apps

If we talk about browse an APK file before installing it, the need is even greater because Android does not show you anything about it except the name of the app and its icon, before installing it. With APK Analyzer you can see detailed information about both the apps that are already installed and any APK you have on your mobile (with the floating button).

The information displayed is divided into the general, certificate, permissions in use, activities, services, content providers, tabs. broadcast receivers, Defined roles and permissions. Basically, everything that is possible to know about an application is specified here. For example, the name of the certificate can be a good way to detect rogue apps.


How you use this information will depend on your profile. Programmers will be able to “spy” on how applications similar to the ones they are trying to create are developed, while advanced users can get the path to the ins and outs of an app they want to modify or launch specific activities of an app, without the need to install Activity Launcher or similar.

The best of all is that with a touch on each data a window is displayed explaining what it is, and a long touch copies the value to the clipboard, so you can stick it wherever you want. It is a free open source app and has no ads.

Apk Analyzer

Apk Analyzer

  • Developer: Martin Styk
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools