Android’s ‘Reading Mode’ turns any website into a podcast with background playback

androids reading mode turns any website into a podcast with.webp.webp.webp
androids reading mode turns any website into a podcast with.webp.webp.webp

YouTube may not know, free, how resume playback as soon as you switch apps or the screen turns off, but another Google application has just gained this ability: Reading Mode.

Reading Mode is a great Google app with a clear focus on accessibility, but it’s useful for anyone. With it it is possible to read the content that appears on the screen with control over the size of the text and listen to a narration of the text. A narration that, now, is not interrupted when changing the application.

Android reads you what you want

Android’s reading mode allows us to read the text that appears on the screen without distractions and with greater control over text size, fonts, and colors. It is an accessibility app though it comes in handy for anyone especially after its latest update.

In addition to extracting the text of what appears on the screen, such as an article in the browser, the reading mode can also read the text. The great novelty of version 1.1 of Reading Mode is that the reading of a text is maintained when we change the applicationso we don’t need to keep the app open until the narration ends.

reading modenews

This change, which is optional and can be disabled in the settings with the option Play in the background, will make your Android mobile can narrate any web page you visit while doing other things. Playback can be seamlessly controlled from the media player notification.

This novelty is available in Reading Mode 1.1, which is already being distributed through Google Play. If the new version has not yet arrived, you can install it from your APKon APKMirror.

Reading mode

Designed for and with people with low vision, the blind, and dyslexia, Reading mode helps enhance the screen reading experience.

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