Android TV: how to make sure Chromecast Built-In is always on to cast content

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android tv how to make sure chromecast built in is always.jpg

Android TV: cómo asegurarte de que Chromecast Built-In está siempre activo para en<p>We are going to teach you how to make Chromecast Built-In <strong>be always active</strong> and recognizable from the mobile phone, even if we are not playing content.  So we can in</p><div  ></div><h2>Change a simple setting and Chromecast Built-In is always on</h2><div ><div >  </div></div><p>Android TV is still a Google operating system and, depending on the manufacturer, the settings may change slightly.  However, the most common is that Google’s Chromecast Built-In comes configured in a way that <strong>it does not make it visible to the mobile when we are not playing content</strong>.  That is, if you have the Netflix, YouTube, Disney + and other app open, it will not leave you in</p><div ><div ><div ><div ></div></p></div></p></div></div><p>Luckily, this behavior can be changed from the settings, to make <strong>Chromecast Built-In is always ready to receive content</strong>, even if we are not playing multimedia.</p><ul><li>Open the Android TV settings</li><li>Click on <em>device preferences</em></li><li>Now click on <em>Chromecast Built-In</em></li><li>Now click on <em>allow other users to control media content that you send</em></li><li>Activate the option <em>forever</em></li></ul><div ><div > <img src=

By default, it is more than likely that Android TV has its Chromecast Built-In so that it is only discoverable when content is playing. Activating the function forever, As its name indicates, the Chromecast of Android TV will always be recognizable from our mobile.