Android can now answer calls for you in Spain: first on the Pixels

android can now answer calls for you in spain first.jpg
android can now answer calls for you in spain first.jpg

In each presentation, Google takes the opportunity to comment on what their next news will be and with the arrival of the Pixel 6, they talked about the famous ‘Screen Call’. The ‘Screen Call’ is a function that Google activated some time ago in some regions and that lets our phone take care of answering calls for us and to find out why they contact us.

This functionality was for now limited to the United States of America, Canada and Japan, but now Google has made an even more extensive deployment and Spain is among the countries that receive the improvement, in addition to Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Now the Google Assistant can answer calls and we show you how it works.

How to activate the Assistant call filter

The functionality was already present in the Google Pixel 3 three seasons ago but until now it had not officially landed in our country, and it has already done so. It is, as we said, a call filtering option that involves Assistant in the process. The Google assistant will answer calls that we do not want to answer ourselvesYou will find out what the caller wants and will let us know so we can make a decision.

The feature is now integrated into Google Phone and It is activated for the Pixels of our country, and its operation is quite simple. When we receive a call we can see the ‘Filter’ button in the floating window in which we usually answer. Not only can we answer or hang up, now we can make Assistant work for us and answer. First of all, we will tell you how it is activated.


Activating the Assistant call filter

To activate the call filter From Assistant we have to open the Google ‘Phone’ app, access its ‘Settings’ and locate the new enabled section, ‘Assistance’. Inside we will find ‘Call filter’. At the time of activation we will need to download the voice package for our language, and then we will be able to activate it. We can even choose between different types of voices to answer for us, once a female and a male voice in this first update.


Google offers us quick answers for Assistant to continue the conversation or end it.

  • We open the app Telephone.
  • We access the Settings.
  • We locate Call filter.
  • We download the language pack.
  • We select the voice that we want to answer for us.

Once we have the filter active and receive a call, we can press the ‘Filter’ button, the call will be answered by the Google assistant and the person who is calling us will listen to the artificial intelligence of our Google phone. Assistant will ask the name of the person who is calling us and the reason for the morning, while we can remain outside the process without having to intervene or pay attention at any time.


Making Google answer the phone for us

What will come to us is a transcript of the response that the caller gives us to Assistant, and we can make Assistant continue with the conversation through a series of programmed responses, such as:

  • It is urgent?: “Is this an urgent call?”
  • Mark as spam: “Please delete this number from your mailing and contact list. Thank you.”
  • I’ll call you later: “Can’t get in right now, but will call you later. Thank you.”
  • It’s not understood: “I have not understood you. Can you repeat what you just said?”

Via | 9to5Google