Android Auto with Spotify on the right or left: you choose with the new setting

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android auto with spotify on the right or left you.webp.webp.webp

Android Auto’s Coolwalk redesign has brought us an interface where we can see two apps at once: a mapping app like Google Maps and a media app like Spotify. Now you can change which side the multimedia app appears on.

Until now Android Auto with Coolwalk let us choose the driver’s side, which made the maps and multimedia app swap places, but it also moved the status bar to the other side. We have a new setting in Android Auto which allows us to swap the side of these apps while keeping the bar where it was.

The map to the left or right

With the Android Auto redesign dubbed Coolwalk, the interface is divided into two parts so that we can see two applications at the same time. The currently main app appears large and, by default, on the left (or on the side closest to the driver). The secondary app, such as a music player, appears in a narrower column on the opposite side.

Android Auto gives us the option to change the driver’s side so that the widest column is closer to that side, but it also changes the side the taskbar is on or the alignment of its buttons, if we have the keypad at the bottom. Now we can control it separately with the new setting change layout.


While the driver’s side could only be configured from the Android Auto application on the mobile, change layout It is a setting that you have available both on the mobile and in the Android Auto interface in the car, within screen settings.

The setting itself has only two options: multimedia closer to the driver or navigation closer to the driver. The default is navigation closest to the driver, so if the driver is on the left, the maps app appears in the large column on the left.


If you’d rather have the little column where you control music playback more handy, you now have the option to do so by choosing multimedia closer to the driver. After choosing it, the interface changes immediately, without having to reconnect.

In this way, you will have somewhat more difficult to interact with the mapbut it will be useful if the co-pilot is driving the map or if you switch to full screen mode of Google Maps before interacting with it.


The taskbar on the left, the lower column with the multimedia on the left and the map on the right. This combination could not be set before.

This new tweak seems quite widespread among Android Auto versions and applies to both interfaces where the taskbar is vertical and horizontal. This bar will remain the is only the columns that change places.

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