Android Auto not working: main problems and solutions

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Something fundamental to avoid possible software errors is that it is completely updated. In this case we are facing three devices to update: the mobile, the Android Auto application and the firmware of the car console. Make sure that all three have the latest version available, as not having it can cause errors.

  • Mobile: To have the latest version of Android, just go to the settings, enter the section System and check if there are any pending software updates.
  • apps: open Google Play, tap on your photo, go to Manage apps and device and then in available upgrades. You can update the Android Auto app there if there is a new version available.
  • Vehicle firmware: different method depending on the manufacturer. Check the car manuals, the web or contact the manufacturer directly to find out the process.

Reset and clear cache data


There are three procedures that always help to solve various software problems in mobiles and that, in this case, could help to solve the failures with Android Auto.

  • restart the mobile in order to reset all the background processes that could be interfering with a good connection and operation of Android Auto in the car.
  • Force stop the app from the settings, going to the section of Applicationscoming into Android Auto and pressing the corresponding button to close it completely.
  • Clear cache datawhich is done from Settings > Storage > Other appscoming into Android Auto and then clicking on clear cache. This process of emptying the cache eliminates all the temporary files in it and that could be generating a conflict.

If there are failures in voice recognition


This is another of the most common errors and, unless it is a software problem that should be fixed by restarting the app, it depends on the mobile and/or vehicle microphone. You can try it with the lowest noise level possible to rule out that this could have been a problem.

Although the most recommended at this point is that you physically locate the microphone and verify if it has dirt. Many times dust can accumulate on it, making audio capture difficult. In the event that it is the mobile, you must follow a thorough cleaning procedure with tools such as a soft brush, small diameter swabs that do not release lint or other similar objects that are not sharp.

You can also make sure that voice recognition is active on mobile from settings. Permissions may not be granted to Android Auto and this is the cause of the driving system not recognizing your voice.

If it is a problem with the connection of the mobile to the vehicle

Android Auto Mobile

As we said at the beginning, Android Auto not recognizing the car is one of the most common failures. Fortunately, the causes are usually quite easy to detect to be summed up in three main points:

  • Bluetooth failures if it is a wireless connection. Make sure that the connection is correctly established from the mobile settings. Turning this connection off and on may help it restart (in more extreme cases, resetting all network settings). You can also do checks from the Android Auto app’s own settings.
  • cable problems, which can be confirmed or ruled out by doing a visual check to see if the cable is in good condition. Although it is advisable to try other cables.
  • Problems with the connection port, either that of the car itself or that of the mobile. If when verifying that with another cable it does not work either, suspect them. Try to connect the mobile to other devices such as computers or simply charge it in the wall socket and, if it works, it means that it is the car port that is defective.

If you couldn’t solve the problem

Continuing to experience problems with Android Auto at this point has already become a matter of greater relevance that, to a greater or lesser extent, is already out of your hands. In this sense, we recommend that try to test the system in another car in order to end up confirming if the fault is from the smartphone or from the vehicle.

Contact the vehicle manufacturer It is opportune if this is the culprit. If you believe that the failure is caused by the mobile and you have already reviewed all the possible elements of the settings, perhaps a factory reset It may be the most convenient to finish ruling out software failures once and for all.