Android Auto for phones closes forever: now only available on car screens

android auto for phones closes forever now only available on.jpg
android auto for phones closes forever now only available on.jpg

The Android Auto version shutdown for phones it was imminent. A few weeks ago, the application began to notify its users that Android Auto for phones would no longer be available soon, and that date has already arrived.

At the end of last year Android Auto for phones stopped working as of Android 12 and today it was the turn of mobiles with Android 11 or earlier versions. Hereinafter Android Auto becomes available on car screens.

Goodbye to Android Auto on the screen of our mobile

Car Screens

When Google launched Android Auto in 2015 it did so in two versions: one for car screens and one for the mobile screen, thus offering on our Android devices the possibility of being able to use its interface adapted to driving directly on our mobile. Well, now the Android Auto experience it is exclusive for car screens.

Now the application of Android Auto for our mobiles it is limited to being the necessary application to synchronize and configure the mobile with our compatible car. If our car is not compatible with Android Auto and we want to navigate safely with our car, we have to use the successor of Android Auto for phones: the Google Assistant driving mode.

Hi Google Assistant driving mode

Google driving mode

Google has closed Android Auto for phones because at the end of last year it launched its replacement: the Google Assistant driving mode. this new interface adapted to driving It offers us most of the features that we found in the mobile version of Android Auto.

The driving mode of the Google Assistant allows us to use our mobile safely and without distractions while driving thanks to its interface, which offers us direct access to.