Android Auto comes to Tesla cars thanks to an ingenious application

android auto comes to tesla cars thanks to an ingenious.jpeg
android auto comes to tesla cars thanks to an ingenious.jpeg

Although the Tesla do not include Android Auto among their benefits, now there is a way to integrate the Google system in Elon Musk’s electric vehicles: the TeslAA app makes it possible. Without excessive complications and through the web browser of Tesla cars.

Tesla electric cars have their own operating system on the big screen that they offer to the driver and without including support for options such as Android Auto. For most Tesla users your system is enough and more than enough to control multimedia content and navigation, but there are also those who would like to have said Android Auto in the vehicle. It is possible, the TeslAA application comes to fill that gap.

Screen projection via Tesla web browser

Android Auto Tesla

Android Auto on the screen of a Tesla. Electrek Image

The Tesla screen has been surprising for a long time since it not only allows you to view all the vehicle’s controls centrally, Tesla has enabled its system to run even games. With this versatility it is not surprising that Android Auto can also be started. Although yes, Tesla’s web browser needs to bridge.

TeslAA is an app from the creator of AAWireless, the makers of a device that enables wireless Android Auto in cars that don’t offer this feature. TeslAA allows the Android Auto of the phone to be projected on the Tesla screen loading the image through the web browser.

The process appears to be simple, at least according to what the developer proposes (we do not have a Tesla to test it). Once the application is installed on the Android mobile that will project the Auto screen you have to connect said mobile to the Tesla by Bluetooth; at the same time that the car is linked to the phone using WiFi tethering. The web page should load ““in the vehicle’s navigator and through there Android Auto will appear.

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The app is still in beta and still needs to be polished (the web that Android Auto projects is not even secure). It is paid (4.99 euros) and enables all the Android Auto options in the Tesla. Google Maps, Waze, Apple Music … And the management and navigation system of the Tesla is never lost.

TeslAA - Android Auto over Tesla Browser

TeslAA – Android Auto over Tesla Browser

  • Developer: AAWireless
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
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