Android Auto 9.1 now available: how to download the new beta version now

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android auto 91 now available how to download the new.webp.webp.webp

After Android Auto 9.0 could not but arrive Android Auto 9.1, first in beta version. The new version is already available to the lucky members of a beta program that is very difficult to enter.

Android Auto beta users already have the first update ready since Android Auto 9.0 beta was released two weeks ago. We tell you how you can Update your Android Auto to the latest version now.

Android Auto 9.1 beta is here

There are few things as specific as the new versions of Android Auto. Almost every week we have a new version, either in the form of a beta or when they become a stable version and are already available to everyone. What rarely changes is that Android Auto does not change. At least not visibly.

Google has adopted the method of making the changes little by little inside and then scaling them from the server side, something that is repeated in Android Auto 9.1 Beta. we have tried it and we have not seen any change either in the mobile app or in its projection on the car screen.

Therefore, forget about that Android Auto with a light theme or the Material You redesign of the settings in the app, as they are still pending or being tested in a very limited number of users. What you can expect from any update are bug fixes which, on the other hand, never hurts in an app that has something as critical as navigation in the car.


The blank Android Auto that refuses to appear

Google has not updated the list of Android Auto known errors with any recent fixes, although this is normal since we are facing the beta version, where any change or fix is ​​tested. If you have problems with your Android Auto 9.0 stableit does not hurt that you give the beta a try to see if they have been solved.

To actualize, the method is the same as always. If you are already part of the Android Auto beta program, you will receive the update as on any other occasion, through Google Play. Otherwise, or if the update takes time to arrive, you can download the APK of Android Auto 9.1.1309 beta from APKMirror. It is available for ARM and ARM64 mobiles with Android 8.0 or higher.