Android Auto 8.9 beta is here with a little more Material You: so you can update

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The Android Auto beta program has been full for years, except for a few places that soon ran out. Those who want to be up to date and download the betas as soon as they are availablethey must continue resorting to the classic method, through APK.

It is precisely this method that you are going to need if you want Android Auto 8.9 Beta, which has just been launched just a few hours ago, on your mobile. This latest version continues work on the Material You revamp of the app settings, but it’s still not available for everyone.

Download Android Auto 8.9 Beta

If you like have Android Auto 8.9 Beta, can. All you have to do is open the download website for this version in APKMirror on your mobile, download the correct version for your mobile (ARM or ARM64) and, once it finishes downloading, open the file with the package installer from android. It will be installed as an update to your current version.

As usual, Google has not shared the list of Android Auto 8.9 Beta news, although taking into account that the application carries a good number of errors, it is always a good idea to try your luck to see if the problem that affects you has been solved. The changes are insideas usual.


What we have been able to appreciate “from the outside” of these changes on the inside is the redesign of the connection help wizard with the Material You aesthetic. Android Auto began testing the redesign of its mobile application settings back in November, but to this day this redesign has still not been activated globally for users. Google keeps improving it before you hit the red button.

For the rest, after testing Android Auto we have not been able to distinguish any other changes. If you’re not too into betas, if we follow the lead of recent releases, you might Android Auto 8.9 beta version becomes stable in less than a week.