Android Auto 8.7 now available to everyone: so you can update to the latest stable version

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With an update process that Google does not stop, the latest version of the operating system for vehicles is already on the move: Android Auto 8.7 is official. And it is in full expansion: soon you will have it in your car. What do you want to give a speed up to the process? We explain how to update your Android Auto right now.

Getting into your car, closing the door, starting it and before you get going, the podcast you left halfway is already playing: this is one of the benefits of Android Auto. You also have the GPS navigator in the vehicle console, you can interact with your voice thanks to Google Assistant and a endless more features that make driving easier; at the same time that they entertain you to avoid drowsiness. With all this range of possibilities, it is convenient to keep Android Auto updated. Have you already downloaded version 8.7?

Improvements for Coolwalk without the interface reaching everyone yet

Android Auto

Google assured that the new Android Auto interface was already in circulation and without a specific version of the app being needed: Coolwalk should be reaching everyone. Although the case is that this is not the case: some Samsung users already have the new interface, also those who are within the Android Auto beta. The rest of us must wait.

Android Auto 8.7 is officially in circulation after about two weeks of beta testing. It offers no visual changes worth reviewing beyond the usual improvements in stability and compatibility with more vehicles. And Google is testing a manual time selector in Coolwalk to move playback to an exact point by simply sliding your finger across the screen. It is not yet available generically.

Although it is most likely that you will not notice any changes, it is always a good idea to keep your Android Auto updated as much as possible: ensures your safety behind the wheel as there is less chance of system errors. To update, all you have to do is go to Google Play and renew the app. In case you don’t get the latest version, you can always choose to download the apk file:

  • Access this APK Mirror page and download Android Auto 8.7. It is a secure file.
  • Open the downloaded file on the mobile you use to connect the mobile to the car. You will see an update message, accept.
  • To settle the changes it is best to do a phone restart. Once done, use Android Auto as normal.

The file is safe and virus free: If it was modified, you could not update your Android Auto. After the process you will be up to date with regard to new versions; As long as Google does not release a more recent one, Android Auto 8.8 beta should not have too much left.

Android Auto

Android Auto

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