Android Auto 8.0 is here and the Coolwalk redesign continues to be required

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But we will have to wait for it to arrive from the server part… at some point yet to be determined. Still, it’s important to keep the app up to date to have it ready when that happens.

Dude where’s my coolwalk

Coolwalk is the code name it receives Android Auto’s biggest redesign in years. It is a new interface with cards and split screen that we were able to see and test earlier this year unofficially and was officially announced by Google during the Google I/O event.

Then Google told us that we would have the redesign of Android Auto this summer and now, with August ending, users are starting to get impatient. Google never claimed that Coolwalk would arrive with Android Auto 8.0, but there was no denying that it was a great opportunity: take advantage of the major update to introduce a major change. Well no.

We did not have Coolwalk with Android Auto 8.0 Beta and we also do not have it with Android Auto 8.0 stable, at least for now. We already know that Android Auto changes are almost always internal: they are in the code and ready to go. be activated at any time remotely by Google. For now, this activation has not taken place and after updating to the latest version, Android Auto is the same as it was before, beyond necessary internal bug fixes.

Google is is being quite cautious with this redesign, and the truth is that he has good reasons for it. Android Auto has several problems as it is, and introducing a radical change could bring even more variables. Still, we’re still hoping it delivers on its promise and indeed we’ll have the new Coolwalk interface before the end of the summer.

As a user, the only thing you can do is keep your Android Auto app up to date to be ready when the change rollout begins. The update to Android Auto 8.0 will arrive on Google Play at any time, but if not, you can force it by downloading the APK from APKMirror. It is a newer version than the latest beta, so it can be installed on top of it.