Android Auto 7.9 Beta renews the design of the music player

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1658384272 1366 2000.webp.webp

how the current playback of a song is represented in the music application of the day, such as Spotify.

Until now, Android Auto’s way of telling you that you’ve heard half of the song was to color a circular progress bar around the play/pause button. In the latest version, this ring disappears and changes to a more classic timeline lifelong. Of course, it is not possible to touch on it to jump to a specific part of the song, at least for now.

old man

The old player (left) and the new player (right)

The novelty has come, as on so many other occasions, by surprise and in a minor update to its beta. In theory, it should be activated automatically by installing the Android Auto 7.9.1228 beta APK, which you can find on APKMirror. Previous versions of Android Auto 7.9 Beta kept the circular indicator.

It does not seem to be the only novelty on the music playback screen that Google is preparing. Until now, the app decorated the background of the player with a blurred version of the cover aligned to the side, but now it is aligned to the center, which will be better or worse, depending on your own tastes. These are small changes that are already available, unlike Coolwalk, which we are still waiting for.