Android Auto 7.8 now available on Google Play: so you can download it to use it with your car

android auto 78 now available on google play so you.jpg
android auto 78 now available on google play so you.jpg

Once again, it’s time to update Android Auto, now that the app has reached the official version 7.8. This update is for those who prefer to use the stable version of the app and not the beta version, which already reached version 7.8 Beta a few weeks ago.

Android Auto is not without bugs, so it’s no wonder some users prefer to stick with the stable version, which is updated later and less frequently. This version now reaches version 7.8 and the update should come to you from Google Play, although you can also choose to install it from the APK.

Coolwalk must still wait

During Google I/O, Google introduced us to the biggest change in the Android Auto interface To date, the new Coolwalk interface that we have known for a few months as something that was in testing, but that could not be activated except by doing certain tricks and with root.

Through successive Android Auto updates we have seen Coolwalk improve and evolve, with a vertical interface, but still not activated natively. Google promised us that the Coolwalk interface would arrive in time for the summeralthough summer is here and not even with the latest official version will we find the change on the car screen.


The vertical CoolWalk interface, which takes time in internal tests

Now, we already know that Android Auto updates rarely bring visible news, but rather they are included in the code and are ready for Google to press the red button and activate them little by little to the huge number of users. That is, having the latest version does not imply having the news, but to have the news when they are activated you will have to have the latest version.

Updating Android Auto to its stable version is very easy because the update It should come to you through Google Play.. In fact, it may have already been updated and you may not even have noticed. To check it, you can open the Android Auto settings and scroll down to the bottom. If you don’t have the latest version, do this to update Android Auto to version 7.8:

  • Open Google Play

  • Tap on your profile picture

  • Tap on Manage apps and device

  • Wait for the list of apps with updates to update and click on See details

  • Tap the Update button next to Android Auto

  • If the update still does not appear, you can download the Android Auto 7.8 APK from APKMirror