Amazon will also reduce the commission of its App Store: up to 10%, but with small print

amazon will also reduce the commission of its app store.jpg
amazon will also reduce the commission of its app store.jpg

After many years in which both Google and Apple insisted that 30% commissions were fair and necessary, everything began to change with Epic’s offensive last year: Apple and Google cut their commissions in half for developers who billed. less than 1 million a year. Is now Amazon the one that reduces commissions in its App Store.

The Amazon App Store is not as widespread a store as Google Play or the App Store, although, according to Statista, it has some 460,000 applications. Your developers will be able to benefit from a program to see reduced their commissions as long as they enter less than 1 million dollars annually.

80/20 and with 10% in AWS credits

Google and Apple opted for the same formula: 85% for Google and 15% for the developer in the sub-million dollar revenue. Amazon has announced a somewhat more complicated system: the commission will be 20%, so the developers will keep 80% of the revenue, as long as they entered less than a million dollars during the previous year.

Now, to the distribution of that 80% will be added a 10% in AWS promotional credits, Amazon’s popular cloud computing services. Developers who take advantage of these credits will therefore in practice have the equivalent of a 90/10 split: 90% for the developer and 10% for Amazon.

According to Amazon, a recent survey indicates that 94% of application developers are interested in using cloud services. However, those who do not take advantage of these credits and enter less than one million will have a worse deal on Amazon than on Google Play.

This program will start during the last quarter of 2021. Developers who have entered less than a million during the previous year, will be able to sign up, although as soon as they exceed that number they will no longer be eligible. AWS credits earned through this program are valid for one year.

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