All the ways to clean your Xioami of applications: ‘bloatware’ and apps that cannot be deleted

all the ways to clean your xioami of applications bloatware.jpg
all the ways to clean your xioami of applications bloatware.jpg

MIUI is a very complete layer, although it is also excessively heavy. Especially when Xiaomi recharges its phones with apps and games that are not needed: in these cases it is best to delete everything possible as soon as the phone is configured. And there are several levels of elimination.

Depending on the money you spend on a Xiaomi mobile, it will come with more or less pre-installed extra apps, which is called bloatware. Games that you will not use in life, shopping apps that you do not need and much more software that does nothing but annoy. Therefore, our main advice is that you spend a little time emptying your Xiaomi of everything that is left over: let’s see how to do it in three steps.

First step: get rid of all the bloatware by removing the apps

Delete Xiaomi Apps

It has just been to open one of the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note to analyze, and find such a number of bloatware, that the first step before starting the test was to get rid of all that extra applications. They do not have to be working since, in general, are kept inactive, but they do not stop taking up space (a lot). And they annoy in a noticeable way with their presence, which is also important.

As a first step, it is best to remove everything unnecessary that Xiaomi pre-installs on its phones (especially in the Redmi) in order to clean the application drawer as much as possible. In the event that an app or game is to your liking, you can prevent its deletion, but that is your decision, not the manufacturer’s.

Let’s see the easiest and fastest way to remove all extra apps. It is recommended to perform this process as soon as you start the phone it will save you a lot of time.

  • Open the settings of your Xiaomi and scroll down to “Applications”.
  • Go to “Manage Applications”.
  • Click on the top “Uninstall” icon.
  • Mark all the applications that you don’t know (without hesitation) and then click on “Uninstall”.
Delete Xiaomi Apps

2.64 GB in bloatware only

MIUI provides a very quick and easy way to bulk delete all the apps you don’t want, whether you installed them yourself or they came pre-installed by Xiaomi. Yes indeed, you can only delete the apps that are left since the system ones are protected against deletion.

Step 2: Disable system apps you don’t need

Delete Xiaomi Apps

The above is for those apps that Xiaomi incorporates as bloatware and that allows you to uninstall, just like any other application that you download from the Google Play Store. But there is protected software that cannot be uninstalled. So that it stops working, and does not appear among the applications of the phone, you can disable it.

Not all system apps can be disabled. Since they pose a security risk, if you deactivate a vital system application the mobile may not work correctly. We must be careful.

The usual thing is that, if Xiaomi allows an app to be disabled, said disablement is safe. To carry out the process, do the following:

  • Go to Xiaomi settings, then go to “Applications”.
  • Enter “Application Management”.
  • Click on the three menu points and click on “Show all applications”.
  • Now review the list from top to bottom entering those apps that do not interest you and you want to deactivate. Google Duo, Play Movies, Facebook installers… show no mercy.
  • Access the application menu, click on the “Force stop” icon and then on “Disable”.

Since it is quite dangerous to delete system applications (the mobile can become unusable), MIUI will not let you disable applications that it considers essential. Of course, among that immovable software there is a huge number of Xiaomi apps that you will probably never use. Let’s see how to apply the last level of scissors.

Step 3: Remove system apps you don’t use carefully!

Delete Xiaomi Apps

We arrive at the most delicate moment, the one that is not essential, but gratifying. What do you want to remove the MIUI apps that you don’t need in order to speed up your Xiaomi mobile and prevent it from wasting battery? You can do it without excessive complications.

For this last step we will use a tool called Universal Debloater. To use it, you need a computer with ADB working and the USB cable that comes with your Xiaomi mobile. Remember: this process involves risks, do it only if you want to assume them.

Universal Debloater shouldn’t be a problem if used in a contained way. Let’s see how:

  • You must have ADB running on your computer. Install it from here in case you don’t already have it.
  • Download the Universal Debloater interface that corresponds to your computer’s operating system.
  • Universal Debloater needs to be located in the folder where you have the ADB application. Put it inside “platform-tools”.
  • Connect your mobile to the computer after having activated USB debugging on the phone (it is located within the developer settings).
  • Open Universal Debloater and accept access to the RSA key on the mobile: you are all set. In the event that it does not connect, make sure that ADB works correctly.
  • The interface of Universal Debloater will offer you the list of recommended applications that can be uninstalled. Remember: they are just a recommendation, you may delete something that you later miss. The usual thing is that everything that it recommends is safe to remove.
  • If you click on each application, the program will show you what it does on your phone. Only in English.
  • Choose the applications you want to uninstall and click on the bottom button of “Uninstall Selection“.
  • In case you regret it, you can restore the deleted apps by selecting “Uninstalled” in the second top drop-down. Hit “Restore” on the ones you want again and Universal Debloater will reinstall them.

With Universal Debloater you can leave your Xiaomi mobile cleaner than an operating room. Remember, always with caution: as you spend deleting applications, the mobile may stop working. And one last reminder: every time you install a MIUI update the apps removed with Universal Debloater will appear again (your installation is actually removed, not the app itself). You must run the process again.