All the procedures you can do with the official miDGT application

all the procedures you can do with the official midgt.jpg
all the procedures you can do with the official midgt.jpg

The mobile application of the General Directorate of Traffic not only allows you to always carry your driving license, but also opens the door to a large number of procedures with the administration. In fact, you can use your smartphone for most of those related to your car and driving license: we will tell you which ones.

In the technological times that we had to live it is more common to leave home without your wallet than without your mobile. This does not prevent us from having means of payment since we can save the cards and pay with them on the mobile phone, but identification is still its weak point. In the absence of being able to carry the identity card on the phone, we can identify ourselves with the driver’s license of the miDGT app. Not only that.

From the consultation of the points of the card to the results of the exams

Midgt Re-registered

The miDGT app has evolved to a great extent since we were able to test it in development back in early 2020. The one that originally offered the digitized driver’s license on the mobile, along with basic information on the vehicles associated with the user, has ended opening the door to administration from the practical window that is the phone screen.

After registering in the app using the Cl @ ve system (perhaps the most cumbersome of the whole process), miDGT allows you to manage a considerable number of procedures related to driving licenses and vehicles. Thus You avoid having to go to the Traffic offices. With another advantage: the information obtained through the mobile is usually immediate.

The DGT has been expanding the number of procedures available in the miDGT application. The following are currently active:

  • Check the points available on the driver’s license.
  • Change of address for traffic notifications.
  • Payment of fines.
  • miDGT allows the driver to identify himself without having his driver’s license on him.
  • Complete report of the user’s vehicles.
  • From the app it is possible to assign a regular driver to registered vehicles.
  • Check the environmental labels of registered vehicles.
  • Request for an appointment at the Traffic offices.
  • Payment of fees through the app.
  • Check the marks obtained in the driving license exams.

The mobile application continues to evolve to expand the options to its users. It’s worth keeping her on the phone, and not just because of the paperwork: the digital driver’s license is valid as identification.

Procedures in the process of joining miDGT

Midgt Procedures

Access to the procedures related to the vehicle report

The General Directorate of Traffic ensures that by 2022 more procedures would be included within the reach of the touch screen: We may request a duplicate of the physical documentation of the vehicle, write down a temporary absence or locate the centers of interest closest to the telephone position (ITV, driving schools …).

The app has almost 5 million accumulated downloads since it was officially put into circulation in March 2020. 10 million accesses to driving and circulation licenses have been requested, 500,000 contact details have been updated, around 65,000 fees have been paid and more than 50,000 reports have been generated vehicular.