All the data and procedures that you can consult from your mobile with the app My Citizen Folder

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Throughout this post we will see everything the app offers. It is expected that updates will arrive in the future that introduce other features. At the performance level, at least in these first versions, it works quite well on any mobile device.

How to access the My Citizen Folder app

Access My Citizen Folder App

First of all, once you have downloaded the application, proceed to identify yourself with [email protected], Permanent [email protected] or Electronic Certificate. These are the typical accesses that the administration has in other applications and official web portals. If you don’t have any of them, you will have to register somewhere to do it.

Needless to say, once you’re registered, you can access quickly with your fingerprint if you so wish. In this way you will not have to continually resort to the login, in addition to protecting our data if we lend the mobile to another person.

Ideal for not forgetting to renew documents


One of the most interesting sections of My Citizen Folder is purely informative, but of high value. It is a calendar of important events for the administration. Such as the expiration dates of the driver’s license or ID.

This calendar appears in the home tab of the app, although if you click on See all or go to the tab Calendaryou can access a full view of all important dates. These appear ordered in a list, and you can also see them by sliding between the months of the calendar.

Something to note also in this section is the possibility of making an appointment from the app for the renewal of documents such as the DNI. It is not really done from the app itself, but from the Cita Pre website

School qualifications, driving license points and many other data

Citizen Folder App

If this application stands out for something, it is because of the amount of information about the user that it offers. Not in vain, the name of My Citizen Folder has been chosen for a reason. Precisely on the tab My folder you can find the following information.

Education and formation

Possibility of having a summary and even issuing certificates about academic qualifications.

  • University degrees
  • Non-university degrees
  • scholarship status
  • University tuition
  • Certificate as trainer and student in INAP

living place

Data relating to owned homes or plots, as well as the private address according to the register.

  • Property
  • My address (Register data)

Work and retirement

Access to the request for two very relevant procedures related to professional activity.

  • Laboral life
  • Job demand and unemployment benefits

Health and social affairs

Certificates and supporting documents in the following circumstances.

  • Disability
  • EU Digital COVID Certificate

Personal and family situation

Procedures related to criminal situations, as well as others related to the family situation.

  • No criminal record
  • Absence of a history of crimes of a sexual nature

vehicles and transportation

Data related to driving licenses and even vehicles owned.

  • Driver details and points balance
  • Vehicle data


In another tab inside My folder you can access the files processed with the public administration.

  • Files with the General State Administration
  • Records with Autonomous Communities

Web access to many procedures, at least for now

Citizen Folder App Browser

As we have already mentioned when talking about sections such as requesting an appointment to open the DNI, the My Citizen Folder application redirects to a web portal in some cases. It is not necessarily something negative, since it is all without leaving the app, but it is not really something integrated within it one hundred percent.

However, the fact of acting in a certain way as a information agglutinator with useful links in the end it makes it easier than browsing between the administration websites. And more considering that, let’s not deny it, some are very unintuitive.

Alerts and other additional settings

Citizen Folder App Options

In section Settings, you can find different options apart from what we have been seeing in this post. Starting with the possibility in

In addition to being able to read the legal and privacy terms of the app or being able to add a photograph to your profile, what is interesting comes from the possibility of enable notifications. Whether they are push notifications from the app itself or email notifications, having to have the notifications permission activated for the app in the first case and enter your email account for the second.

My citizen folder

My citizen folder

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Transf. Digital
  • Download at: google play