All DTT on your Google Chromecast and for free: so you can watch the channels on TV without an antenna

all dtt on your google chromecast and for free so.jpg
all dtt on your google chromecast and for free so.jpg

Accessing DTT on television is the most common, but not all the premises are met for terrestrial broadcasts to reach the big screen. That’s why it’s not bad have an alternative If you have Internet access at home and a Google Chromecast connected to the TV: you will have all the DTT without complications.

Television is used, as the name itself says, to watch TV, but it is not always possible to access the broadcasts that arrive from the antenna. Therefore, it is always useful to have an alternative way to play DTT on TV using a Google Chromecast as a bridge: you can in

Tivify is the application you are looking for

Chromecast Freeview

Selection of the device to which

We have chosen Tivify for the quality of its broadcasts, for its stability, because it offers access to all DTT with the simplicity of pressing an icon, because it is 100% legal and, not least, because it allows enjoy all the service free of charge. This includes seven full days of video on demand on RTVE channels; in addition to allowing you to expand the possibilities with different non-essential paid subscriptions.

The key to Tivify is that it allows

Tivify gives access to DTT channels on mobile. and you can in

  • Download Tivify on your Android mobile.
  • Open the app and create an account: It is essential to access the channels (you do not need to subscribe to a payment plan to play all DTT).
  • Once you have configured Tivify with your account, access the “Guide” of the application and choose the channel you want.
  • You will see the Google Chromecast icon appear in the upper right corner of the phone screen. Click there and the channel will be played on TV taking advantage of said Chromecast.
Chromecast Freeview

You can see all the channels live, access the movies and series of the last seven days (only on RTVE and regional ones if you have the free plan) and record content (RTVE and regional ones with free Tivify). The video and sound quality is very good, Tivify offers you a huge number of Spanish and foreign channels, does not include ads (beyond those that DTT already has) and it is very stable. You do not need anything else.

Our recommendation is that you use Tivify if your television does not have access to a terrestrial antenna or if, in the event that you live outside your Autonomous Community, you want to see the channels that broadcast there and that are not available at your current address. As long as you have an Internet connection you will have access to all DTT channels.