All about AnimeBox, the ‘Netflix of anime’ that comes to stand up to Crunchyroll

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all about animebox the netflix of anime that comes to.webp.webp.webp

March has been the month in which it was time to talk about streaming video platforms. We started with Netflix confirming that it was closing the faucet on shared accounts and, shortly after, SkyShowtime launched to try to fish in troubled rivers. Now out of nowhere a new platform arrives: AnimeBox. And yes, they have Selecta Visión behind them.

It’s about a streaming service specialized in Anime that comes to make things difficult for Crunchyrroll (the platform par excellence for lovers of Japanese cartoons), and then we are going to tell you everything you need to know about AnimeBox.

What is AnimeBox and on which platforms can it be enjoyed?

First things first and the truth is that the name is quite descriptive. It is a platform where we are going to find a lot of anime both in series and movie formatbut also live action productions.

There will be both classics and novelties and, in fact, one of the characteristics is that access to simulcasts will be free. Simulcast is called the broadcast of the new episodes of an anime at the same time as the premiere in Japan. For example, when Kimetsu no Yaiba is released, we will also be able to see it here without having to wait.

all content, In addition to the original version, it will be dubbed into Spanish and, as confirmed from AnimeBox, there will be many cases in which also we can select the dubbing in other official languages ​​of the country. The simulcasts, yes, will be available in the original version with subtitles.

About the devices, AnimeBox has an app on both Android and iOS devices. However, at the time of writing these lines, the Android app has not yet been released, but it will surely appear in the next few hours. If you want to watch AnimeBox on TV, you can do it through Chromecast or AirPlay.

Price and plans of AnimeBox

The truth is that the service looks very good, with anime like Naruto -of which new episodes are expected-, the aforementioned Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Piece, My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan, among many others.

Now, given the characteristics, it is time to detail both the price as different subscription plans. We leave them below:







Possibility to rent movies

Access to all content except premium movies

Access to all premium content and movies

Playback on a device

Playback on a device

Play on two devices at the same time




However, there is one more plan called Kami-sama which, basically, is an annual offer with the content of the Sensei plan. The price is 79.99 euros, so two months are free, but with the introductory offer it stays at 39.99 euros for one year, 50%. To subscribe and create an account, we leave you access to the official website.

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