After signing up for SkyShowtime, these are the top 10 tricks I recommend

after signing up for skyshowtime these are the top 10.webp.webp.webp
after signing up for skyshowtime these are the top 10.webp.webp.webp

I’ve been using SkyShowtime to the fullest for a few days. It is a new streaming platform that has a couple of arguments for you to at least try it. The first is that it has a huge catalog thanks to the fact that it belongs to several studios and production companies (Dreamworks, Universal and Paramount among them). The second is that the launch price is groundbreaking: 2.99 euros with 50% forever.

My colleague John Tones has already been testing the platform and he tells you his first impressions about the catalog and the image quality. We, however, are going to focus on another topic. And it is that, I am going to tell you the 10 best tricks of SkyShowtime so that you can take advantage of the app these first days and configure it to your liking.

The SkyShowtime trick at half price forever

Let’s see, it really is a trick… and no, because it’s a promotion that SkyShowtime has had enough of announcing. If you subscribe before April 25, you get SkyShowtime with a 50% discount forever. That is so and if the monthly subscription costs 5.99 euros, now it costs 2.99 euros. If at some point they raise it to 6.99 euros, you will pay 3.49 euros, for example.

Now, and here comes the trick: it depends where you subscribe from. If you download the app on your mobile or tablet and create an account, when you are in the payment gateway it will tell you that they are 5.99 euros. Could it be because of the Google and Apple rate in their stores? It may be, we don’t know, but what we do know is that if you later go to the web with that created account, it will continue to ask you for 5.99 euros.

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So, what you have to do is register directly from the browser version:

  • Open the SkyShowtime website from your mobile browser or from your computer, if you prefer.
  • Click on “Subscribe Now”.
  • Enter an email with which you want to register and validate the password.
  • Click on “Create account”.
  • Add a payment card.
  • If necessary, confirm the first charge with the bank’s app.
  • Finish the account creation process.
  • Check the mailbox and confirm the creation of the account.

If the offer still does not appear, enter this promotional code in the “Payments and Plans” section: ESHPFL2023CS (Spain) or ADHPFL2023CS (if you live in Andorra).

Share SkyShowtime account

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Netflix no longer allows account sharing outside the home, but luckily the other platforms, for now, continue with the philosophy that sharing is living. Sharing your SkyShowtime account It is as easy as giving the contact you want both the email and the password of the application.

Once this is done, you have up to six profiles that you can create, each one with its personalized list and its “continue viewing”.

Protect every account with a PIN

Now, if you share an account, Another function of SkyShowtime that I have loved is that of protecting our profile with a PIN. Let’s see, it’s not that anything is going to happen and the word “protect” may not be the most appropriate, but it is okay to set a PIN so that nobody messes (by mistake or deliberately) into the list of other users. Or start series on our profile believing it’s yours, what happened to me…

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So, for this, all you have to do is go to the profile settings. To get there from the main screen (where the bubbles with the profiles are), you must look for the pencil icon under your avatar. If you’re already in your account (the screen where you see series and movie covers), click on your avatar in the top right to go to the profile selection screen.

Once there, you should look for the “profile PIN” option. It will ask you to enter your SkyShowtime password and after that it will let you create a PIN.

Turn automated trailers on or off

This option is super personal, but it has helped me a lot and I think it’s a good feature to help you see new content. Surely you already have a streaming application and, in it, there are trailers that play automatically on the main screen.

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Well, on SkyShowtime that doesn’t happen by default, you have to turn it on. I see it well to save data and if you want to activate it, it is very easy. You simply go back to your profile settings and, under the option to configure the PIN, you will see the option to activate the “Automatic advances”.

I was familiar with a lot of the SkyShowtime catalogue, but with this option I’m watching a couple of series that, simply because of the cover art, I wouldn’t have started watching.

Installing SkyShowtime on Fire TV Stick is tricky, but it’s really quite easy

Aside from Android and iOS, you have easy access to SkyShowtime on TVs with Android TV, as well as Samsung TVs released since 2017, Apple TV 4th generation onwards, LG TVs with webOS 3.5 or later and Chromecast, both the classics and those with Google TV. And yes, you can send the video to Chromecast without any problem with the button integrated in the app.

Now, it is not available for Fire TV Stick. Because? We don’t know, but the reason may be the same as why HBO Max isn’t on the Amazon device either. However, if you have one of these, don’t despair because our colleagues at Xataka Home teach us how to install SkyShowtime on a Fire TV Stick.

The process is very simple and everything is based on downloading from Downloader. It is an application found in the Amazon store and has a browser and file manager, so it is most useful.

When you install the app and give it the corresponding permissions, all you have to do is go to this link and download the APK. It will appear in the Downloader file manager, click a couple of times to install and that’s it.

Adjust the subtitles as you like

When you’re watching content on the app or on your TV, you have the option to turn subtitles on or off, as well as change the language. However, you cannot customize the text.

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To do this you have to go to the web, specifically to the configuration menu. In the “Account” tab you must go to “Settings” and, at the bottom of the page, you will find the option to configure the subtitles.

You can choose the font and its color, the shadow and its color, the size of the text among three available and if you want the text in a window or with a background, whose colors you can also customize. As an accessibility option it is quite goodbut I would appreciate if it could be changed directly in the application of each device.

Activate playback only with Wi-Fi

Data rates are becoming more generous and there are plenty of unlimited data options, but you may not have that option and you don’t want to spend data every time you watch a movie or series.

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The app allows you to choose which only see content when you are connected to wifi. To activate it, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen, click on your avatar in the top right.
  • Again, at the top right, select “Account” and go to “Settings”.
  • You have it in the first option: “Playback only with Wi-Fi”.

With this, when you are at home you will see the content with your Wi-Fi, so no data will be consumed if the mobile loses the signal at some point and uses the data.

Download series and movies to watch later

As on other platforms, we have the option to download content to watch offline. This is related to the previous function and the truth is that there is no loss: within each series or movie you have the icon of the arrow pointing down that indicates that you can download the content and, in the lower area of ​​the main menu, the same icon to go to the download section.

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To give you an idea, This is how much some content weighs that I have downloaded these days:

  • Cobain – two hours and 12 minutes – 2.9 GB
  • McLaren – one hour and 32 minutes – 1.7 GB
  • Bumblebee – One hour and 53 minutes – 2.6 GB
  • A 58 minute Halo episode – 1.3 GB

When we download something, we have 30 days to see it, but if you open it for whatever, you have 48 hours. In other words, if you go on vacation for a week and start a movie the first day, if you don’t finish it in 48 hours, you won’t have it available again in your downloads.

And, having said that, I recommend that you delete the content that you see. It is not that it weighs too much, but it is a few GB that add up.

Take advantage of content HUBs and create a list

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The SkyShowtime interface will be familiar to you if you use HBO MaxFor example, even though it’s simple, I like its categories (not so much that you can’t remove the “Continue watching” section, but oh well). You will find compilations by sagas or directors, but also by themes and it is used to find new content.

However, apart from scrolling to find things, I recommend that you take a look at both the sections and the content HUBs. In the movies tab you have the agglutinators of “action”, “drama”, “comedy”, etc. In the series they appear by studies.

I like that because, for example, you can be a lover of Paramount productions, because in the corresponding tab you have everything from that production company.

AND, as a 2 x 1 trick, if in any of the tabs you go down to the end, you will see a category called “from A to Z”. Scroll to the side until you come to a button called “see all”. Press and go, you already have all the content of SkyShowtime in order.

Shield your account from prying eyes and control connected devices

If you share your SkyShowtime account, you probably do it for the love of art. Don’t be me and don’t charge your family and friends 30 cents to share the 3 euro bill. But hey, yeahIf you share it with anyone and you don’t want them to see your payment detailsit’s as easy as selecting the “Enhanced Security” feature.

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For this, you have to go back to the web version. Navigate to “Account”, go to “Settings” and you have an option called “Enhanced Security”. If you activate it, your payment details are hidden and, if you want to see them, you will receive an email with a single-use code that only you have access to.

In addition, from “Account” you can access the “Devices” tab. Here you can see who has connected to your account to know if your account has been leaked or anything. You can sign out of the devices and change their name to have more control over them.

And a little more, these are the 10 tricks and functions that I have used the most in SkyShowtime during these first days. If you are missing something important, leave it in the comments and we will add it.