Ads until when you pause videos on YouTube: changes in advertising for Android TV and other televisions

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ads until when you pause videos on youtube changes in.webp.webp.webp

That advertising is the mainstay of platforms like YouTube is something that no one doubts. Hence, whether we like it more or less, changes occur from time to time. A few months ago, experiments were carried out with up to 10 ads per video, although in the end it does not seem that it will be applied generally. However, there are others changes that have been confirmed to be coming to the platform in these coming months.

Specifically, they are Changes coming to YouTube for TVs, including Android TV and Google TV. These range from offering visual advertising when we pause a video to seeing longer ads instead of short ones.

2×1 in ads and split screen in the breaks to add ads

It has been within the framework of YouTube Brandcast 2023, a conference held by the platform to announce news, where notable changes have been announced in reference to advertising. The first of them is that instead of seeing two 15-second ads, you’ll see one 30-second ad. For practical purposes it may be the same, but it is not.

First, for the consumer. This one will see less interruptions in its reproductions, although of longer duration. Then, in the face of advertisers, windows are lost, since instead of seeing two, they will see one. However, this should not cause YouTube to lose monetization, quite the contrary, since logic makes us think that it will be able to charge more for that long ad than for two short ones. In any case, they have not offered details on this matter, nor on the economic impact that it will have on the creator.

New Youtube Ads

New ad format on TVs with video paused (Image: 9to5Google)

Although there is no doubt that the most relevant aspect of the advertisements, worth the redundancy, is that now advertising will be seen even when the videos are paused. It will be in a format like the one we see in the previous image, leaving the video content on the left side and leaving the side free for the advertiser.

It will also appear a QR code that, if scanned, will provide more information to the consumer. It also shows a button with which to go back that probably serves to return to the usual pause screen that we already know, although that should not prevent that in subsequent video pauses that or other ads continue to appear in the same format.

The move from two 15-second ads to one 30-second ad should apply to YouTube on any platform, while advertising during breaks will only apply to TVs. It is expected that these changes will begin to see the light in the coming monthsalthough from YouTube they have not confirmed dates and if the changes will take place globally or will be staggered starting with the United States.

At the YouTube Brandcast 2023 there was also talk of the integration of artificial intelligence for ads. They did not provide too many details, although they used as an example using Google’s AI to make the appropriate cuts for each playback format, as well as generating a system that allows advertisers to better understand the way consumers interact

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