A web browser for your car with Android Auto: this app makes it possible

a web browser for your car with android auto this.jpg
a web browser for your car with android auto this.jpg

Android Auto it does not have an official web browser nor is it expected Well, although Google has opened a bit of a ban on what kind of applications are available, this category is still closed for the moment. However, unofficial applications come to the rescue once again.

The limitations of Android Auto have not prevented developers from creating applications to create these types of apps that Google does not allow. There are to watch DTT, YouTube and also for have a web browser in the car in which you can open any web page at your own risk and expense.

Any website in Android Auto

Android Auto does not have a web browser for the same reason that there are no applications to watch YouTube videos or the like: for security. Now, if you want to use this type of app with your car parked, you always have the possibility of using unofficial applications, which you will not find on Google Play.

That is exactly the case with Web View Auto, an application that is a few years old and was created taking advantage of an unofficial Android Auto SDK that Google did not like very much. Neither the SDK nor the original WebViewAuto project is already available on GitHub, but the APK survives on this fork and you can download it from here. It occupies little more than 3 MB.

You will need to install the Web View Auto APK on your mobile and go to the Android Auto options to activate the developer options. Then, in these options you must activate Unknown sources. At this point you can connect your mobile to the car.


If everything went well, you will see the WebViewAuto icon among the applications ready to launch in Android Auto. When opening the application, the browser will display the Duck Duck Go website, with a very rough interface with a top button bar.

The first button shows the menu where you can go back or see favorite sites, the second activates the keyboard, the third is the delete key for the keyboard, followed by the accept button when entering a web and the equivalent of the Enter key.


Android Auto has no keyboard for obvious reasons

The keyboard will serve you both to write addresses and to add text in any other section of a website – for example, Google searches or logging into a website. It’s a bit slow to write something long, but it will help you get out of a tight spot.


Android Auto doesn’t have a keyboard, but this app overlays its own. Rough, but functional

Best of all, if typing on the Android Auto screen distresses you, you can use WebViewAuto on mobile to write text. To do this, open the application, write what you want to write and press Send Text. Make sure before, of course, that the text field you want in

You can also use the application on your mobile to in


Another option to enter text or webs is to use the app on your mobile

WebViewAuto fails sometime, but considering that it is an application that it has not been updated for four years It is surprising that it continues to work. It’s not the same as having Google Chrome on Android Auto, but it does the job.