24 hours of free Pocoyo, Tivify launches a new channel for children

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launches a channel dedicated exclusively to Pocoyo. This is already on the emissions grid. And it is available for all accounts: from free to premium.

With the mobile it is very easy to download content, also to see it on the fly, which is known as streaming. Although the TV in the dining room is still the center of multimedia entertainment, this entertainment has been diversified in such a way that it is no longer essential to anchor to the armchair. Even to watch traditional TV: platforms like Tivify take DTT channels anywhere thanks to the smartphone. And it offers fun for all audiences, including children.

The four seasons of Pocoyo, songs and specials

Tivify Pocoyo

Tivify has already warned that more channels would be arriving on the platform with its latest rearrangement of the catalog and reduction of the Plus subscription. And the first comes for you children have more content tailored to their needsall with a simple tap on the play button.

Pocoyo’s new channel is already on the Tivify grid and can be played on all accounts, whether paid or free (in the free and plus you have to see an ad). This channel offers all the chapters of the well-known Spanish series: a total of four seasons; that will parade through the screens of those who use Tivify.

Apart from the four seasons themselves, the Pocoyo channel will offer the specials of the series and also the songs. The channel is located on dial 113, broadcasts 24 hours a day and includes all original content.

Pocoyo is found in the free subscriptions, in the Plus (0.99 euros per month) and in the Premium (7.99 euros per month). In the first and second modalities, the content is subsidized in part by the advertisements added to those of the television channels themselves. To subscribe you have to go to the Tivify page.