10 ads before a video on YouTube: the platform confirms its tests and it is not as far-fetched as it seems

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Capture in which the 10 announcements prior to a YouTube video can be seen Several weeks ago, reports began to emerge from some users who claimed, even adding screenshots as a test, as YouTube added them 10 ads before playing some videos. It seemed to only be for a small number of people, plus they didn’t always see this many ads before play.

Such an amount of publicity had, yes, a short duration. However, concern was evident among witnesses to these complaints. While it’s understandable that advertising is the way to monetize content, 10 different, uninterrupted ads seems excessive to say the least.

Speaking recently to 9to5Google, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed that it was an “experiment” which, at least for now, is over. And although this spokesperson confirmed that it was only for a small number of users, they confirmed that it was a worldwide test.

This same spokesman explained that this type of ad packs were being included in long videos and in the YouTube app on televisions “in order to improve the experience […] reducing ad breaks” That is, instead of diluting all those commercials in between, once they were played at the beginning there would be no more interruption.

For now, and with the confirmation that the experiment has ended, the implementation of ads before the videos has returned to normal for all users. Yes indeed, we should not rule out that in the future it will be something standard, since it has not been declared whether the test has been successful or not. In fact, although it may seem excessive, it might somehow make sense to watch all the ads at once to watch the long videos in one go.

Via | 9to5Google